Stone Creek’s Sunlight Guarantee

//Stone Creek’s Sunlight Guarantee

Stone Creek’s Sunlight Guarantee

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One question that we get asked nearly every day is ‘What if the sun stops shining?’

We know that what you’re really asking is ‘What if we have more cloud cover than usual this month? How will that impact my utility bills?’

Still, we couldn’t resist having a little fun with the topic.

As such, Stone Creek is now happy to offer our very own Sunlight Guarantee.

That’s right: If the sun goes more than 365 consecutive days without shining, your solar system is on us.*

Granted, if the sun disappears for that long, I suspect we’ll all have far bigger concerns than the financing arrangements on solar panels to worry about, but still, we like to offer peace of mind in such apocalyptic scenarios.

*Standard disclaimer: I may be a contract lawyer, but I haven’t actually thought through the details on this. This post is meant for entertainment purposes only, an in the event of an actual apocalypse, terms and conditions may apply.

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