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Renewable Flops

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In any industry, there’s a fine line between ‘visionary innovation’ and ‘no way that’s ever going to be commercially viable’.

Renewable energy, of course, is no exception.

For every one breakthrough that offers a truly promising solution to existing limitations (or at least a rough beta version of that end solution), there are five others that probably won’t live up to investor hopes.

In honor of that latter category, I present Energy Harvesting Clothing.

The goal is to design yarn that can generate electrical currents through the wearer’s movements.

The problem? Right now, those electrical currents…aren’t so strong.

As in, not strong enough to recharge a cell phone, much less anything more dramatic.


Now, if we’re being honest, my snark is partially coming from a place of jealously. I mean, I feel super shortchanged that my Arc’teryx jackets don’t produce any electricity, and I’m more than happy to take that angst out on those researchers at Vanderbilt!

Still, I can’t help but question whether this isn’t an incredibly complicated solution to a problem that could better be solved with a $50 Fitbit.

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