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10 06, 2019

Stone Creek Solar Fact of the Day

By |2019-06-05T14:02:40+00:00June 10th, 2019|

Did you know that China is the world’s leader in solar?

By 2017, China had over 50GW of solar installed…enough to power 8.2 million U.S. homes.

Here in the U.S., we have a bit of catching up to do to get to that point!

12 05, 2019

Stone Creek Solar Fact of the Day

By |2019-04-19T16:18:55+00:00May 12th, 2019|

Did you know that plants are essentially the original solar cell?

Photosynthesis requires sunlight in order for plants to convert carbon dioxide and water into usable nutrients.

15 04, 2019

An Office Tour of Stone Creek Solar

By |2019-03-29T17:35:52+00:00April 15th, 2019|

On this blog, we’ve devoted plenty of time to discussing tax incentives, and green technology, and solar news. We’ve covered lawsuits, and environmental concerns, and miscellaneous facts about solar.

One thing we have not done, however, is show off the place where we come to work every day.

And so, we realized that it’s high time that we show off the office that Stone Creek Solar calls home.

Welcome to Stone Creek. We’re sunny right down to our golden yellow doors!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into our office.

1 04, 2019

Our Heads Are In The Clouds

By |2019-04-01T14:44:28+00:00April 1st, 2019|

Recently, part of our Stone Creek Solar team took the skies, out to check on a project over in Tennessee.

The field trip itself was, of course, a very worthwhile endeavor.

However, for most of you reading this, the technical aspects are of secondary concern. The part that makes for cool pictures was the journey getting there.

We’re all thankful for the safe and productive trip, as well as for the opportunity to enjoy another side of nature’s beauty.

25 03, 2019

Greener Farming Through AI

By |2019-02-22T22:00:09+00:00March 25th, 2019|

One of my favorite things about this blog is that we don’t just talk about solar.

Instead, we enjoy looking out onto the horizon, and thinking about all of the pieces that go into the ultimate puzzle of making this a healthy, sustainable planet for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

A critical piece of that equation that we spend surprisingly little time thinking about in this office is agriculture…an ironic oversight if ever there was one.


We think about the energy consumption of farms. We think about farmers. But, most of us have given little thought to the future of farming, and ways that yields can be increased while decreasing our toll on the planet.

Fortunately, other people have been thinking about those things!


Right now, scientists are figuring out how to put AI to use on the farm.

Through better data and analytics, it’s hoped, we’ll be able to cut our use of pesticides and herbicides, reduce our water consumption, and make more efficient use of land. All of these things our going to be vital as we continue into the 21st century, and work to meet the needs of an increasing population.

4 03, 2019

Entergy Committing to Solar

By |2019-02-01T22:50:26+00:00March 4th, 2019|

Slowly but surely, solar is gaining ground as a major source of energy for Arkansans.

Following a lawsuit from the Sierra Club in November of last year, Entergy has committed to adding 400mw of renewable energy to their portfolio by December 31 of 2022, and an additional 400 mw by December 31 of 2027.

This is a considerable investment in renewables, and should be a solid step towards helping the natural state become a little more natural.

22 02, 2019

Stone Creek Solar Fact of the Day

By |2019-02-22T15:48:05+00:00February 22nd, 2019|

For today’s Stone Creek Solar Fact of the Day, we’d like to brag about the way that solar has really exploded in recent years (pun fully intended).

As recently as 2010, solar made up only 4% of new power added to the electrical grid. On the other hand, by the end of 2016, 39% of all new electrical capacity came from solar.

Considering that we’re talking about the same period of time it takes many people to pay off a new car, that’s an incredible rate of growth. Better, solar’s growth shows no signs of stopping.

9 02, 2019

America’s Aging Power Grid

By |2019-02-04T14:31:12+00:00February 9th, 2019|

In terms of America’s energy future, right now, we’re at a bit of a crossroads.

The simple reality is, we’re running out of coal and fossil fuels. The reserves that we do have are depleting, and we’re having to dig further to get to them (which comes at a very real environmental and economic cost).

Another issue that we’re facing, however, is simply one of timing and underinvestment: America’s infrastructure is aging. Regardless of the path we take for powering our nation, our energy grid is going to have to be updated.

According to a report done by the U.S. Department of Energy back in 2012, 70% of the transmission lines and transformers providing energy to our cities are over 25 years old https://www.energy.gov/sites/prod/files/Large%20Power%20Transformer%20Study%20-%20June%202012_0.pdf. Considering the limited investment in infrastructure over the last seven years, it’s likely that this number has only grown.

For years, we’ve taken a piecemeal approach to infrastructure; trying to patch old things as they break in order to keep everything running for a few more years. However, as time goes by, this approach is making less and less sense: The need for repairs is only increasing, and the things we’re repairing have only grown more and more obsolete.

Because of this, for better or worse, within the next decade, we’re going to have to overhaul our current electrical grid.

This means that research is now more vital than ever with regards to determining the best methods for harnessing and storing renewable energy. As we replace the crumbling transmission lines and transformers that have grown too old to repair, it’s crucial that we use this opportunity for good. We have the chance to redesign our entire grid, and it would be an enormous waste not to design our new systems with the future in mind.

The best ways to do that, of course, are beyond my personal expertise. However, as both taxpayers and stewards of this planet, now is a good time for us to all think about the future of energy, and what can be done to create infrastructure that will guide us into a healthier, more economically efficient future.

29 01, 2019

Stone Creek Solar Fact of the Day

By |2019-01-14T22:06:01+00:00January 29th, 2019|

For this week’s Solar Fact of the Day series, we’d like to take a minute to brag about the convenience of solar.

As it turns out, no other electricity source can be built or repaired as quickly.

In fact, because of this, when hurricanes ravaged Puerto Rico last year, solar was the first source of power restored to the island. With the help of Tesla and smaller solar contractors, solar power plants were installed and running within weeks, providing much needed electricity to residents.